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Surveillance Camera Installation

IP Cameras

LinkedUp Security specializes in the installation of security cameras such as IP Cameras. We are located in Westchester, NY and service all surrounding counties such as Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, NYC, etc. We install cameras in residential, business, industrial, municipal and various locations. If you would like a free estimate, please contact us!

IP Camera Installation

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

What's an NVR?

An NVR is a Network Video Recorder designed to record IP cameras either via plug-and-play or a network. We install professional & enterprise NVRs with the capacity of anywhere from 4 cameras to 128+ channels, depending on the circumstances. All of our NVR’s are internet ready and ONVIF compatible.

How many weeks / months can it hold?

The capacity of the NVR depends on the length of video retention required and the amount of cameras. We typically start with a 4TB drive and work our way up from there for larger installs. Some clients and installations require larger hard drives, some require a backup hard drive and some require cloud backup.

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

Depending on the installation requirements, our NVR’s can either have POE (Power Over Ethernet) ports to wire the IP Cameras directly to the NVR for both video and power, or without POE ports.


An NVR can be stored in just about any location and can easily be run “headless” or without a screen. They can be hidden in closets, attics, under steps, or in plain sight and look similar to a cable TV box. We can also mount them on racks, on shelves and pretty much anywhere you want!

Video Management Software (VMS)

What's a VMS?

Video Management Software (VMS) are robust solutions for recording surveillance cameras. VMS’ are software based solutions that run usually on a computer. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes VMS’ are a better solution over an NVR or DVR.

Favorite VMS

Our favorite camera recording software is called Blue Iris. Blue Iris runs on a Windows computer and has tons of options for customizing your set up, including different motion zones, up to 64 cameras, a great mobile application and more.

Why use a VMS?

VMS’ such as Blue Iris are typically used for people who require a lot of customizing, have multiple brand cameras, would like up to 64 cameras, prefer using computers and much more. We use both VMS’ and NVR’s in the field, all depending on the circumstances.

Surveillance camera mobile viewing

RemoteĀ  & Mobile Viewing

Is there a monthly cost?

NO! Absolutely not. You own your cameras and you own the right to view them, so with every installation of an NVR or VMS (such as Blue Iris), we offer free remote viewing configuration. There are Android and iPhone apps which can be used, you can use any computer or internet ready device, have viewing stations (monitors in other locations) and much more.

How does it work?

In order to view your cameras remotely the location where the cameras are being installed must have internet service. The surveillance system we install at your house will be programmed to use the internet to allow you to access your live cameras, recordings or alerts remotely.

Is all this secure?

We use the industry standard protocols to ensure your cameras are safe and secure. We can use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and various other solutions. Safety and security is the driving force behind this company so we pass that along to all of our clients.

Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup

We offer different levels of cloud backup for your surveillance videos. All of our security camera systems come with the ability to easily backup your videos on the cloud without lifting a finger.

On-site Backup

If you are looking for a local (on-site) backup solution then you’re in luck! Not only can we usually install multiple hard drives in an NVR or CPU for a VMS, but we can also install external drives and network drives at the same location.

Are backups necessary?

No, backups are not necessary. It is very unlikely that a bad guy will destroy or take your camera system and all of our systems are built using industry standard infrastructure and technology to ensure constant uptime. However, it is always a good idea in the event of a catastrophe or the aforementioned scenario.

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